Sunday, May 4, 2008

On my way out

Thanks to all my readers who followed this blog while I was in Liberia. I had a lot of fun observing life in Liberia and writing it down, someday Ill come back and reread it all after I have had time to reflect on my stay here. Thanks again!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

the Final Stroll

I took one last walk into the heart of Monrovia and snapped a few pictures, maneuver around the the beggars and ex combatants, and made it safely back home. Since it has been raining, the smells of garbage have increased, I gaged at one spot right outside my compound, I leave Liberia on Sunday, and only have a few more things plan before I am out of here. the four months have flown by, It seems like yesterday I was worried about my visa and what not. Now I am ready to move on and see how this experience has changed me, and to to hopefully live live full of gratitude. I dont think I fully know the impact this journey has had on my life, but I think I will soon know. Enjoy the pics. The first picture is looking up randall street from my compound, the second is a liberian music vendor, the third is a remeinder of where not to pepe, the last picture is of Providence Church on Broad Street,