Sunday, May 4, 2008

On my way out

Thanks to all my readers who followed this blog while I was in Liberia. I had a lot of fun observing life in Liberia and writing it down, someday Ill come back and reread it all after I have had time to reflect on my stay here. Thanks again!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

the Final Stroll

I took one last walk into the heart of Monrovia and snapped a few pictures, maneuver around the the beggars and ex combatants, and made it safely back home. Since it has been raining, the smells of garbage have increased, I gaged at one spot right outside my compound, I leave Liberia on Sunday, and only have a few more things plan before I am out of here. the four months have flown by, It seems like yesterday I was worried about my visa and what not. Now I am ready to move on and see how this experience has changed me, and to to hopefully live live full of gratitude. I dont think I fully know the impact this journey has had on my life, but I think I will soon know. Enjoy the pics. The first picture is looking up randall street from my compound, the second is a liberian music vendor, the third is a remeinder of where not to pepe, the last picture is of Providence Church on Broad Street,

Monday, April 28, 2008

Temple of Justice

I get to Monrovia and renovations are finished at the Temple of Justice, I like to think they built it because they knew I was coming, even if they did misspell it. As I took this picture, the driver at the time (Thomas) said he didnt understand or like the Justice System becuase how it had to work so hard to provide proof and how things take so long and how corrupt judges are, I was astonished, knowing how a decent judicial system can work, yes it takes time to lock away criminals but those who are innocent can prove their innocence!

Then again I havnt grown up in a society where the Government is wholly corrupt as are the officials down to the policemen, there is little trust, and I understand, even though I DONT, how the 14 year civil war on top of 30 years or more of corruption.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My favorite signs

"Do not Urinate here" or Dont PePe here typical sign all over Monrovia except most misspell peepee...

Monrovian Field Day

Today I attended a Field day behind City Hall put on by one of the NGOs in town. As we walked up to the pitch (soccer field) I noticed a LARGE crowd of people obviously upset because a front end loader was "levelling" the field stopping valuable soccer time. The first part was a girls kickball tournament. why the girls can't play soccer I dont know. But it was probably the first time the field had been cleared to let girls play on it. A group of local footballers through a fit about letting these people on 'their' pitch and had a minor sit in in the the infield preventing play, there was a giant discussion(2nd picture) and they cleared off. The girls got to play in front of a huge crowd. I think this is a neat deal, because the girls/women of Liberia face a daunting challenge as most of the violence is done unto them.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

View of Monrovia

I know Ive talked about the trash around Liberia, so I thought Id give you a picture of some of the trash, this picture is standing under the bridge over providence island. the river is the Montserrado River and the shore is lined with trash and underneath the water is lined with trash. People were out throwing cast nets and setting crab traps right along the trash.

An enjoyable evening

The internet has been out at our compound, and since I have not had it, I have found other things to entertain me. Last night, a Thunderstorm blew in off the Ocean and I sat out side and just listened to it thunder and watched some spectacular lightning. After a hard day, it was nice to sit and just relax. The day was hard because I had several people ask me for money, and one of which was one of our drivers, who followed me home and talked to me there. It was a bit overwhelming to have several people ask you on the same day. I am growing tired of being a "target", (not in danger) to people, in other words I stand out. I have a short time left here, and my goal is not to look ahead but to do the best I can here, and now.