Thursday, April 17, 2008

An enjoyable evening

The internet has been out at our compound, and since I have not had it, I have found other things to entertain me. Last night, a Thunderstorm blew in off the Ocean and I sat out side and just listened to it thunder and watched some spectacular lightning. After a hard day, it was nice to sit and just relax. The day was hard because I had several people ask me for money, and one of which was one of our drivers, who followed me home and talked to me there. It was a bit overwhelming to have several people ask you on the same day. I am growing tired of being a "target", (not in danger) to people, in other words I stand out. I have a short time left here, and my goal is not to look ahead but to do the best I can here, and now.


Raquel said...

What I've noticed is that the culture is kinda trapped in the teenage stage.
It does suck being white down there.. if I only had a nickel for every time that I got hit up.
But it really hurts when you think that you're "friends" with someone, come to find out that they were fronting just to score some cash... hard to be your true self around anyone, after a while, if you begin to just expect that everyone is out to take advantage of you. I would wake up in the morning and put on my see-through-your-lies super hero glasses, hoping that it would end the cycle.
..maybe if I confront them..
..maybe if I avoid the topic..
..maybe if I laugh it off..
..maybe if I explain my financial problems..

Mandy & Jack said...

I definately understand the "target" thing - I got a LOT of that in China. Hang in there! :)