Monday, April 14, 2008

a local market

The local markets are the life blood for many Liberians, and one can find a wide variety of items at prices that are affordable for most Liberians. The price of rice is going to continue to rise, and soon I believe most wont be able to afford that. The first floor had non meat food items along with clothes and other necessities. The second floor had tables of meat, chicken, fish, and bush meat (anything not beef, chicken, or fish) The above picture is that of a hand of whay I think used to be a monkey. This piece has been pulled off as are most items into small servings costing 5 Liberian Dollars, (10 cents USD) or the smallest bill that Liberians can use. Most people live on 60 LD a day (one USD). I couldnt stay long on the second floor because the smell of fish and bush meat was almost unbearable to me. The vendors weren't forcing us to look at anything, like most of the vendors around the expat hangouts, and I think most werer suprised to see us there

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Aaron said...

I read somewhere that bushmeat was one of the main reasons why diseases that start with monkeys (especially), and other animals get transferred to humans and become epidemics. There's no FDA... not that there should be; I think regulation there would be pointless at this point. Nonetheless, it also said that bushmeat constituted one of the main forms of protein in the average diet.