Monday, April 28, 2008

Temple of Justice

I get to Monrovia and renovations are finished at the Temple of Justice, I like to think they built it because they knew I was coming, even if they did misspell it. As I took this picture, the driver at the time (Thomas) said he didnt understand or like the Justice System becuase how it had to work so hard to provide proof and how things take so long and how corrupt judges are, I was astonished, knowing how a decent judicial system can work, yes it takes time to lock away criminals but those who are innocent can prove their innocence!

Then again I havnt grown up in a society where the Government is wholly corrupt as are the officials down to the policemen, there is little trust, and I understand, even though I DONT, how the 14 year civil war on top of 30 years or more of corruption.

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