Friday, April 25, 2008

Monrovian Field Day

Today I attended a Field day behind City Hall put on by one of the NGOs in town. As we walked up to the pitch (soccer field) I noticed a LARGE crowd of people obviously upset because a front end loader was "levelling" the field stopping valuable soccer time. The first part was a girls kickball tournament. why the girls can't play soccer I dont know. But it was probably the first time the field had been cleared to let girls play on it. A group of local footballers through a fit about letting these people on 'their' pitch and had a minor sit in in the the infield preventing play, there was a giant discussion(2nd picture) and they cleared off. The girls got to play in front of a huge crowd. I think this is a neat deal, because the girls/women of Liberia face a daunting challenge as most of the violence is done unto them.

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