Thursday, April 10, 2008

View of Monrovia Part III

This is a view of Broad Street, one of the main streets in Monrovia from atop the Ducor hotel. Monrovia is a slender piece of land surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and swamp/Montserrado River on the other. Haze covers the top.
On a sad note, walking to work today I saw a kid kicking a plastic water bottle, kids use anything and everything as a soccer ball, and a car came by and crushed it. He was devistated. I helped him find a new waterbottle among the trash which he kicked on down the street. I have never seen a more crushed look on a face when the car ran over that bottle.

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Ashley said...

Hey hey! Looks like we've been frequenting the same spot. Could the weather not be any better?! I’ve actually gotten chilly these last few nights, which I never knew was possible in Liberia, haha. Anyway, things are still alittle crazy around here with people coming and going, but after Sunday everyone will be gone and there will only be 3 of us left on the ground here. I’m thinking you’re on the other side of town though??