Thursday, January 17, 2008

Its hot

Today was the clearest day yet in Liberia (locals pronouce it lie-beer-a) but it was still really hazy! But it was the hottest day yet, which made the aroma of urine and trash even stronger, which was not good. The lack of education is very evident here, because logical thinking isnt a common thread in the life. The government only requires up to a 6th grade education! most of the Liberians that I have come in contact with have graduated highschool and some college. Most know how to read and write, and basic math skills. The work ethic is much different. I am no carpenter but today we hung framed maps of the 6 counties that Creative Associates has schools in and the framers were just going to hang the pictures however, I stopped them to straighten them out and make sure they were level, They werent even going to eyeball it. nothing is done here to improve the asthetic look to things, only if Americansor other foreigners will be living there. People just throw trash on the ground like it is nothing, and people urinate on walls, and its humid and hot which doesnt help. oh wellmore ramblings to come!

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Linda said...

I'm reading your blog and enjoying hearing about the major change in scenery from Texas. Keep writing!