Friday, January 11, 2008


I am all moved in and the accomadations are probably the best in Monrovia. Not really roughing it in the least bit. My bedroom is bigger than any I have lived in. The compound itself is in good condition and has razor wires all a top the the 10 foot wall running the perimeter of the facility. This is the view outside my bedroom window. I have not ventured out of the compound on foot, or by myself yet. About the only adventure I have had in me is to go sit by the pool alone. There is a beach not 100 meters from the compound, but it is unsafe to go visit. I don't think to ever truly enjoy compound life. There is no view, and its almost as if you have shut out the entire rest of the world. I guess if you try to help all the the time it is probably nice to have a place to come and hide.

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