Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One Week

I have been in country for one week. and i have seen a lot. I have enjoyed the NGO side and eating at the nice hotels and enjoying the beaches, but I have also had my Monrovian friends take me out to some of the hotspots for some 'boiling' or what they call going out and having a good time. I will know for sure by monday weather or not I have a real job, but as of now I am just volunteering around the office. The office is getting ready for a VIP visit from George and Laura Bush, I wont get to met them but its still pretty cool that they are coming here.
This country has potential but has so long to go. People just have trashed this place with war and literally with trash. A lot must be done to clean it up, but I think the right steps are in place for recovery.

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