Thursday, January 31, 2008

Million Book March

Today I witnessed a marvellous ceremony which took place at Aquilla School in Paynesville. Visions in Action is helping supply a million books to schools, libraries, and other areas to promot literacy. They are also training teachers how to use a library system so that the books are not just locked in a room as a valuable 'trophy' and not used by the kids! The children marched into the school joyously singing where there were speakers from USAID Liberia, Books for Africa, and Better World Books as well as members of the Liberian Ministry of Education. It was exciting to see all the smiling faces on the children. I met with the founder of Visions in Action who I am going to sit down with and talk about possibly volunteering with them as they continue to distribute the million books to the 15 counties around Liberia. I met Justin and Andy from Better World Books which is an online book seller like but they donate some of the proceeds to purchase books for children who need them. So if you are going to buy a book check them out at . Books for Africa is an organization that is aquiring books to ship them to Africa. There were instrumental in helping visions reach their goal of a million books. Today was a good day and reminded me what I have told counselors for years, that its all about the kids, and it is. I am excited to meet with visions in action and hope to start volunteering soon.

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