Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Busy is spelled F-e-b-r-u-a-r-y

I am nearing my one month in the country of Liberia, and the new month has already altered my day to day routine. Friday the 1st I was able to witness a festive event as previously described in my blog. I am going to work with VIA as their Communication Volunteer in charge of designing the 2007 Annual report. There are problems to this, the office is in Sinkor which is all the way on the other side of Monrovia from my residence and I dont have my own means of tranportation. Also since it is just a volunteer position, taking the taxis and providing my own meals will be costly by the end of my stay here. Gas prices have doubled since I have been here, and many blame the governemnt for purposly doing it to rid the road of all 'junkers'. Seriously that was reported in one of the newspapers today. So working is new but I am glad to undertake a task and feel 'purposeful' over here.
February is shaping up to be a busy month not just for me, but for the whole of Monrovia! Everyone here is gearing up for the VIP visit from the POTUS(President of the United States) on Feb 21. Roads are being repaved at a feverish rate, which means traffic is at a stand still,and The education NGO's are getting ready to host the President or the First Lady to their education sites as education is the main focus of the event. Because of this NGO's are also stressed and are in need of help, I have been hired by Creative Associates International, Inc. to assist the Cheif of Party and Senior Educaiton Manager in certain tasks preparing for the visit as well as producing success stories about the visit. I am torn about leaving Visions so soon but I might be able to produce the annual report in my spare time, but the idea of working for pay and in an office that is walking distance is much more fesible. I plan to talk to the director of VIA about possibly finishing the annual report in my spare time or on weekends. It will be interesting no matter what I spend my time doing, and am looking forward to pouring into my duties. Because of this visit things will only get more choatic as the visit date approaches. Hope everyone has had a great super Tuesday!

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