Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lacking Schools

I am currently reading 3 Cups of Tea, which I recommend, about one man who fails to climb K2 but stumbles across a poor Balti villiage in Northern Pakistan. He sees a bunch of kids doing multiplication tables sitting in the dirt, without a teacher and promises to build a school. It is inspiring and as I have visited a few schools here in Monrovia the need in Liberian schools is great. But before I think that education will take root here, the poverty level will have to decrease, in other words kids have to not be hungry before they can learn. The rebuilding of Liberia is a huge task, and it is sad to think of the how Liberia came to be in the despair it is in. Warlords with no regard of human life, along with greed, drugs, and violence destroyed this economy, as well as the familes and individuals who bear the scars. I have met many different people who are involved in many different projects, with goals ranging from education to re-electrifying Liberia. It is all needed and each project depends on the other to help their own project improve. After seeing the money that is poured in here, you hope that it will take root and grow a sustainable society here.

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