Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Could you teach here?

This is a picture of C.D.B. King Elementary school in Monrovia. This school received a smal lgrant from USAID to repaint and fix a few things. This is by no means the worse school I have been in, in fact its one of the better ones. Could you teach here? could you learn here? Kids do every day.
This school has newly painted walls which is a much needed imporvement.
Some schools that I have been in only have tarps for roofs, and have no furniture. Imagine a tarp for a roof in a country that gets the 5th most amount of anual rainfall. Electricity, venthilation, and cleanliness are non-existant in most schools. Some of these schools make the delapodated school of my childhood seem like palaces. Starkey Elementary's library is bigger than most of these schools.

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