Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This too is Liberia

If you caught any of the press about the President's visit to Monrovia Feb 21st you may have noticed something he didnt offer Liberians that He offered Rwanda and Tanzania, money. These countries are receiving 70 Million and 150 Million respectively. Liberia was left off the list because it has failed to meet good governance standards as corrruption is still a huge problem facing this current governement. President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has done much to improve this country but is slow on clamping down on the rampant corruption. However, I think Madam President has done much to help this country, but it will take more time to change the way government is run here in the capitol city of Liberia. There are a few trials going on now over legislators who are charged with corruption, hopefully these wil begin to set the tone of how this governement should operate. One story, dates back to last year when the USAID started renovating the capital building, the legislators took all the furniture home. Now that the building is rennovated they started complaining that their is no furniture. This is the state of things...

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