Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dangerous Jobs

The Creative Office is being painted today and I am thankfull that I am not a painter here in Monrovia. They are painting a ledge on the third floor and have three ladders bairly connected together to reach the height! The conditions of the ladders are such that I would not wnat to climb on one of them if they were standing alone and not attached to two other shoddy ladders. Its an amuzing site, but I also am concerned for the painter's safety! I guess Ill just keep a close watch on the ladder out my window and if it falls go administor first aid! Most of Monrovia is being painted in order to beautify the city which is in dire need of something to help its image. Little by little it is picking up the pieces from a decade and a half of devistating civil war. The scars are still deep and visable. At least the Painters have a job, unlike most people in Monrovia, I dont know the wage but it probably isnt much...but maybe enough to buy rice and minuets for their cell phones...

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margaret licarione said...

Keep your blog going. I have been out of pocket (long story that I will explain later) -- thus the reason for my lack of response. Stay safe.