Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The President is Coming

The long awaited day of the president's visit to Liberia is almost upon us! It has been a crazy week as plans are scrambled to be completed to only be changed by the embassy and the whitehouse team due to security reasons or time constraints. I actually have been volunteered to stand at the front of the auditorium tomorrow and check people's names off and make sure they match the ID card, They needed an American to do this, so here I am. as of yesterday I was actually volunteered to stand on the bus andcheck people off, but like everything else with this visit, things change. More and Likely this will all change five more times today, along with every other plan. I heard a fact that President Bush's visit is costing more than the total amount of USAID money poured into Liberia. So is the visit worth it? For Liberia, I think it is, The international recongition, as well as the increase of funds can only help. Only time will tell.

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