Sunday, February 10, 2008

Surfer's Paradise

I know I posted most of these on my flickr account but I just wanted to share withevery one the beauty of Robertsport, I hope to go back there soon. If there was any infrastructure, it could become a surfing heaven for tourists. But that vision is a long way off as Liberia slowly rebuilds. The promising thing is I see potential here, its just going to take Liberians realizing it and this will take much time and education. Along with getting people above the poverty line, getting electricity to the people, as well as running water. However, there seems to be a bad case of "big daddy complex" over here, as a lot of people think the US will keep funding Liberia. This too will have to change before Liberia wil be able to stand on its own two feet.


margaret licarione said...

Beatiful beach. One question, how high are the waves? :)!
Keep blogging -- i enjoy your comments.

Justus said...

Margaret, the waves are around a foot to four feet high.