Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cultural Difference Part II

Yesterday I had the oppurtunity to get out of the office and move 3,000 text books from the Visions in Action office to the Montserrado Learning Resource center. I welcomed the physical task, even if the heat and humidity was near unbearable. We transported the books in a small toyota pickup and had to make 4 long trips to finish the job. The first trip there were four of us who went and moved boxes. the second trip one of the guys went and sat in his office and recruited two more people to come with us. for the remaining 3 trips myself, and the two new guys, moved all the boxes of textbooks, while the driver sat in the vehicle. Everyone was surprised that I would get out and help move the books.
There is a heirarchy here that doesnt exist as much in the States. Drivers, think they are only hired to drive, and managers think they only supervise, the maid panics if I wash my own dishes, stuff like that. I have talked with Peggy about this and she agrees and has given me other instances, and she says is a common trend in a lot of developing countries. She said that people are shocked to find out she doesnt have a driver or a house keeper.


Wendy said...

You got caught washing your own dish? Way to go Justus!! Love, MOM

Lauren said...

I wish you were my roommate! Apparently some people at my house lack the capacity to just put their dishes in the dishwasher :)
Miss you!